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Frank Prell
Owner & Pilot of the
Wish Cake, Bouquet of Tulips & Ice Cream Cone balloons
Over 1100 flight hours
with 400 hours in special shape balloons
Avid balloon pin collector

Frank is a land developer with holdings in Kentucky and Florida. He has loved flying as long as he can remember.  

He started flying fixed wing planes in 1972 and balloons in 1977. In 1985 he received his gas balloon rating while
attending the World Championships in Battle Creek, Michigan. Frank received his British Pilot's Licenses in 1989
before receiving his first special shape balloon. In 1994 he received his Australian License and in 1995 received
his Japanese License.

Frank's first balloon, "THE WIZARD", soon became a familiar sight around the country with a unique design of a
black balloon with a moon, stars and a myriad design of the universe.

In 1986 he premiered his second balloon, "THE WIZARD II" which brought thunderous applause from crowds all
over the country as this beautiful, multicolored pastel rendering of Merlin & Nimue flew the skies.

"THE CLOWN" balloon, manufactured in England in 1989 was Franks next toy. Being his first special shape balloon,
he has enjoyed flying all over the world with the Clown at different balloon events. Children of all ages are sure
to be delighted when the British registered G-GWIZ inflates and takes to the sky.

In 1990, Frank received his second special shape balloon. And who else to keep the attention of the children of
the world better than "SANTA CLAUS." This spectacular balloon stands 186 feet tall and the envelope alone weighs
890 lbs. G-HOHO is the balloon's British registration. The Santa Claus has flown beside the Clown in the USA,
Canada, Holland, Belgium, England, Switzerland, Japan and Australia. Both balloons have functional waving arms
that greets spectators as they ascend and descend upon the crowds.

In January 1993, Frank flew the maiden voyage of his third special shape balloon in Chateau-d'Oex, Switzerland.
This balloon will continue to create smiles and celebrations for the children that Frank loves so much.
"THE WISH CAKE" balloon took off in a joyous applause from all the spectators in Chateau-d'Oex. The balloon is
decorated with 16 pink candles, 8 red roses & white icing with colored trim. The Wish Cake was built by Lindstrand
Balloons Ltd. in Oswestry, England and holds the registration of G-WISH. This balloon has been so popular we
ordered a replacement envelope in 2001. At the Millennium Frank purchased his next special shape balloon. The
"Bouquet of Tulips." Its an amazing balloon that has 24 tulips on top in Red, White, Blue & Orange. Originally
designed by a Dutch pilot the balloon is now a member of Frank's Fleet of special shape balloons. 2011 brought
us our newest special shape balloon the Ice Cream Cone. Look for it at some up coming balloon events around
the world.

Frank has accumulated more than 1100 hours flight time and has participated in events across the US, Canada,
Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Japan, Russia, Latvia, England, China, Thailand,
Mexico and Scotland. He was a member of the "Balloon Exploration Society" open only to balloon pilots who have
flown in at least 10 countries other than their own.

In Franks spare time he is an avid pin collector and has published a book, "Balloon Pins" back in 1985. It
documents balloon pins Frank has collected from around the world. Frank holds one of the largest collection of
balloon pins in the world. 

Frank's love of flying and the smiles of children have combined in a most unique way. Smiles, laughter and fun
have resulted in his special shapes, "The Clown," "The Santa Claus," "The Wish Cake" and the "Bouquet of Tulips"
and now the Ice Cream Cone balloon.

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Ronnie Shewmaker

Ronnie is our secondary balloon Pilot for Oxford Promotions. He resides outside of Louisville in Southern Indiana.
Ronnie has been flying our balloons since the early 1990's.  He has traveled with us to Switzerland, Japan,
Belgium, Canada & The Netherlands. Judy, his wife is he's Crew Chief. Ronnie became interested in ballooning
in 1982 while being a member of a local balloon chase crew. He started piloting balloons in 1986, and received
his private licenses in 1989. He then went on to get his commercial licenses the following year. Ron flies his
own balloon "Summer Wind" in many local ballooning events. In 1991 Ronnie flew the "Clown" for the first time
in Brockville Canada. Later that year participating in the World Hot Air Balloon Championships in
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Canada. Ron was also the Chief Pilot for the Benihana of Tokyo balloons before they
retired the program. Ron has flown the the Chief's Head special shape balloon at many events. Ron has
accumulated over 500 PIC hours of flight time and almost 100 hours in special shape balloons. Ron is a member
of the Balloon Society of Kentucky.


Oxford Promotions Ltd.
Frank Prell, Owner
3103 Fern Valley Road, Suite #108
Louisville, Kentucky 40213-3591
United States of America
(502) 968-5371 phone
(502) 968-8355 fax